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Today we have ourselves a nerdy orange boi, and his large squishy purple girlfriend.

safe2118119 artist:mrvector312 starlight glimmer58562 sunburst8582 pony1479286 unicorn512630 g41929185 absurd resolution66075 belly41113 bipedal47614 bottom heavy1157 bowtie14271 butthug479 chubby16617 chubby glimmer36 cloak6130 clothes611736 cute257200 eyes closed133678 female1739747 floppy ears70351 glimmerbetes4706 hug36353 lidded eyes45200 male529398 mare703267 open mouth225339 plump8461 ship:starburst1552 shipping245954 simple background569368 smiling376885 squishy3448 squishy belly78 stallion184109 straight172411 suit8656 sunburst's cloak862 transparent background274798 vector88155 wide hips28374


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