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Commission for MTF-Epsilon-6 MTF-Epsilon-6
Based off a fan fiction! Author and fic here and here!

safe2086734 artist:therainbowtroll42 kotobukiya1288 applejack194129 fluttershy248836 pinkie pie247190 princess celestia109274 princess luna113430 rainbow dash269501 scootaloo57217 twilight sparkle346002 alicorn295875 pegasus456750 pony1445608 unicorn498047 4 panel comic310 applejack's hat13154 beach chair1223 betrayal600 blushing256597 bucket3097 butt expansion1714 cannon1105 chair11033 comic130649 cowboy hat23845 cross-popping veins2563 crown27761 deep frier4 dialogue87055 disproportionate retribution217 eating12650 emanata2050 food94990 fuse139 glowing16076 glowing horn27572 grass14183 gritted teeth18100 growth7809 hat116731 hatsune miku709 horn134401 imagine spot272 implied butt expansion45 jewelry103540 kfc252 kotobukiya hatsune miku pony244 laughing10422 looking at someone11916 looking at something4520 lowering8 magic92094 magic aura8125 onomatopoeia7442 open mouth218569 peril1151 pinpoint eyes1393 ponified48786 pony cannonball333 popcorn1908 prank1679 regalia33571 rope15158 scootachicken989 screaming4597 shocked9580 sky21326 smiling365935 smirk17149 sound effects3604 speech bubble35796 stage4009 suspended3700 sweat37236 sweatdrop5787 teeth18447 telekinesis37033 the ass was fat20031 this will end in a trip to the moon69 thought bubble4893 to the moon363 tree44526 trolluna177 twilight sparkle (alicorn)144150 vocaloid1029 volumetric mouth1227


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Sunny Starscout fan
Wait, is this based on the one FiMfiction story where Scootaloo and Luna work together to pull the ultimate prank on Celestia, giving her a drink that expands her hindquarters in front of a large audience, only for Celly to send Scoots on a one way ticket to the Moon in response?
If so, this is quite well done (though it should be noted that Celestia lured Scootaloo into that trap, rather than forced her into it).