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I finally finished what I started. To be honest, from the beginning, I only intended to draw Twilight, but eventually I enjoyed drawing the rest of the main cast. I’ve read a few comments asking me to add Trixie and Starlight too. I will think about it… In the meantime, enjoy your weekend :)
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic created by Lauren Faust and owned by Hasbro

safe2173378 artist:altynp24 part of a set23641 applejack200376 fluttershy258488 pinkie pie255743 rainbow dash279784 rarity217468 sci-twi31324 sunset shimmer79090 twilight sparkle357575 human245204 equestria girls255706 g42027516 bedroom eyes82100 bust77743 cute265606 eye clipping through hair14651 eyebrows24562 eyebrows visible through hair11713 female1801694 friendship1647 gallery28 generosity127 glasses88626 happy44489 high res407758 honesty130 humane five5744 humane seven3576 humane six5290 id card331 kindness237 laughing11052 looking at you259059 loyalty147 nervous8587 open mouth237300 open smile31153 photo96594 pictures109 portrait41628 scared14265 sexy45968 smiling397080 smiling at you25221 smirk18140 twolight1567


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I could see this being used for a hypothetical MLP racing game and thi9s right here would be the screen for selecting your character and regarding who you choose, the girls say something like the characters from the Mario Kart games…except Fluttershy, who just eeps.
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Princess Twilight, to be more specific, for when it all started, since it’s obvious we have two Twilights in the G4 franchise for a very long time.
Seven Main Girls of Seven Picture Perfect, with a Bonus from The Other Side!
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