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Alright hope I’m not to late for this,
and hope this pic meets the standards of the collab XD

safe2153951 artist:ravistdash275 derpibooru exclusive39912 oc936222 oc only679769 oc:alex240 oc:cyanine willow24 oc:diamonody166 oc:gearf4 oc:machine storm14 oc:moontrace32 oc:otakulight73 oc:ravist86 oc:sharlight twiler19 oc:skywalk shadow36 oc:sunset cloudy41 oc:white wings4 oc:yuehring19 alicorn310026 bat pony73682 bee1456 dracony8928 dragon84177 earth pony437725 hybrid30823 insect3494 pegasus487775 pony1581880 unicorn528571 2023 community collab774 derpibooru community collaboration6178 bat pony oc29027 clothes625432 diamond1152 explosives416 female1780688 food99932 green eyes9293 group7664 honey442 looking at each other33523 looking at someone14965 male542879 minecraft3186 multicolored hair11468 pegasus oc34687 pickaxe806 simple background585366 sitting90723 smiling389726 socks93902 spread wings91894 striped socks27937 tnt130 transparent background281073 wings216820


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