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Never Ending Story
Trying out a new art style. Easier than my usual and gets really pretty results.

safe2041218 artist:greenbrothersart158 applejack191461 fluttershy244700 pinkie pie243807 rainbow dash265388 rarity207510 spike88834 twilight sparkle340535 dragon75969 earth pony388790 pegasus434720 pony1394191 unicorn476046 cute245412 dashabetes11266 diapinkes11863 dragons riding ponies743 eyes closed126461 female1661792 field1537 flower34793 flying49577 jackabetes7445 mane seven7521 mane six35926 mare652561 mountain6853 open mouth209255 rainbow5995 raribetes6594 rearing7009 riding8636 river2455 running7398 scenery9615 shyabetes17673 smiling350461 spikabetes2501 spike riding fluttershy9 stream378 twiabetes14324 unicorn twilight28371 water20655


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