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Good evening from the Philippines, my country! This is Crisostomo-Ibarra from deviantART and I am joining this year’s seventh Derpibooru Community Collaboration, making this my fifth consecutive participation for these annual site-wide winter collaborations. The following group drawing here is similar to my submission last year, with all of the OC’s I drew at that time making an appearance again this 2023, along with an extra one who I drew and appeared in the collab from two years ago. I would like to thank these following people for being an inspiration for me to be a brony and an active member of deviantART community. The following OC’s and their users (with links to their deviantART links) are as listed below from left to right:
1.) Radiant Sword
2.) Jessica Pedley (JessicaPedley)
3.) Aspen (DoraeArtDreams-Aspy)
4.) Ryan (AngryBeavers1997/MaldonisTheLynx)
5.) Princess Fantasy Star (PrincessFantasyStar)
6.) Cyber Gamer (Digigex90)
7.) Paint Sketch (My personal ponysona)
8.) Midnight Shadows (MidnightShadowsVA)
9.) Author Penfeather (Courageous-0f-Light)
10.) Chaud Starpower (ChaudTheGamer)
11.) Silvermane (Silverbrony97)
12.) Connie the Casanova
13.) Summer Sketch (SummerSketch-MLP)
14.) Bright Idea

safe2120078 artist:crisostomo-ibarra82 oc917974 oc only667415 oc:aspen182 oc:author penfeather8 oc:bright idea132 oc:chaud starpower9 oc:connie the casanova7 oc:cyber gamer13 oc:jessica pedley16 oc:midnight shadows40 oc:paint sketch15 oc:princess fantasy star8 oc:radiant sword8 oc:ryan111 oc:silvermane46 oc:summer sketch13 alicorn303151 earth pony424204 pegasus472643 pony1549006 unicorn513390 2023 community collab774 derpibooru community collaboration5616 alicorn oc35569 earth pony oc24397 female1746381 folded wings17752 freckles41693 glasses85225 grin60127 group7172 high res103309 hooves24975 horn173300 jewelry107280 looking at you246677 male530121 mare708119 necklace30745 peace symbol340 pegasus oc32954 raised hoof66698 simple background570002 smiling377667 smiling at you21618 stallion184567 standing22861 transparent background275036 two toned mane5215 unicorn oc28466 unshorn fetlocks43332 wall of tags6269 watch1837 wings208845


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