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A group of friends for derpi collab. Fixed after spotting an error

safe2119605 artist:st. oni177 oc917737 oc only667281 oc:anima17 oc:arc pyre32 oc:coco chaude7 oc:frostfall20 oc:helium star19 oc:lady foxtrot11 oc:liondrome2 oc:pincer9 oc:ryonia coruscare11 oc:searing cold70 oc:silver wing (batpony)18 oc:skitty3 oc:skydreams314 oc:sparky showers21 oc:star thistle20 oc:starveon2 oc:staticspark28 oc:stormy skies81 oc:way right19 alicorn303067 bat pony71983 changeling63925 deer9281 earth pony423980 goo2374 goo pony2294 kirin14542 original species35174 pegasus472436 pony1548231 unicorn513170 2023 community collab774 derpibooru community collaboration5609 clothes612238 colored24145 cucumber557 flat colors3066 food97392 horns10269 looking at you246583 simple background569813 sitting88457 smiling377516 spread wings88608 suit8670 transparent background274964 waving4076 wings208723


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