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safe1901921 screencap247936 applejack183757 fluttershy231741 princess celestia102440 rainbow dash253484 rarity198085 twilight sparkle324892 alicorn261185 earth pony331320 pegasus375052 pony1249388 unicorn412306 season 14068 swarm of the century812 :t4129 bowing453 crown22891 ei475 ethereal mane10072 eyes closed113409 female1538861 floppy ears61339 frown27044 glare8577 grin49161 gritted teeth15395 hoof shoes7023 hub logo10068 jewelry84292 looking up19515 mare579249 meme origin515 nervous6663 origins211 peytral4539 raised hoof56592 regalia27128 smiling310044 spread wings69270 twiface1071 unicorn twilight23642 wide eyes18361 wrong neighborhood645


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