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(Top row, flying Pegasi; Acid Storm and Chocolate chips. Bottom row: Sirius Canis Major, Sprout Cloverleaf, Tilly, and Victoria Meadow)
And yes, I intentionally have Sprout without the canon Gen 5 characters, in my AU, Sprout has a period of time when he left Maretime Bay without an explanation, which worried his mother sick and she declared him “Missing”. Hitch being the somewhat paranoid pony set up “Wanted Posters” of Sprout throughout the town so that if Sprout is found, there would be a reward, but missing posters too. Sprout has a criminal record after all and he was on probation when he left the only place he has known. But of course, the days turned into weeks and the weeks turned into months so the ponies do calm down and sadly forget about the poor red Earth Stallion. But Hitch, Sunny, Phyllis, and other close friends and family haven’t.
Several miles pass the main “Equestria”, the land already had it’s first snowfall and it was the last week of November. Sprout has been living “outside Equestria” for a few months and he’s felt more welcomed in his new home in what use to be Ponyville and the Everfree Forest. He has found a similar mechanical job in his new home and is thriving, even if the ponies are somewhat a bad influence.
Sprout was slowly learning the area’s traditions and culture as the months passed and by mid November, he learned that ponies still somewhat help with the passing seasons; the Sweet Apple Acres Park hosts a race called, “The Running Of The Leaves”, which was originally the “ancient” Equestria’s way of making the leaves fall off from the trees so that the Pegasi could schedule the first snowfall, by the modern era, there was no need for this but the ponies still enjoy ancient cultural traditions and they find them fun. The Running Of The Leaves is more of a recreational race than an event to get the last of the leaves off the trees, but doing the annual races still sped up the process. Sprout found it weird at first but after watching the race, he made up his mind and found it fun. Another fun event in autumn was the Apple Cider Festival.
But….Since Pegasi no longer need to control the weather manually due to the no magic apocalypse and technology, and many other factors, no pony and other creatures expected the first snowfall in months in late November so it was a surprise when they woke up one morning and everything was covered in a sheet of snow. Thankfully, it was only a couple inches so ponies could still finish up with the last of the jobs before the Winter Solstice started. One of them was, the Autumn cleanup, which was pretty much an event where ponies manually raked up the last of the leaves and place them in a pile, and removing of dead plants, and other things.
On that morning, Sprout was to help with the last of the clean up and he was hard at work with raking up the leaf foliage. Of course other ponies helped, the Pegasi removing some leaves off the trees, unicorns relocating the leaves to a compost area, and so on. In the area that Sprout was working at, the ponies who helped him out were Sirius Canis Major, Tilly, Victoria Meadow, Acid Storm, and Chocolate Chips. Although they were working, there were times when they did do “horse play”, hence the reason why the others don’t seem to be helping, but they have been trust me, their red noses, cheeks, and ear tips should give that away.
Sirius, Tilly, Victoria, and a few others were Sprout’s new friends since moving away from Maretime Bay.

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