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Commission for Prince Ecosis of their OC Golden Sunrise!
She does look good in a diaper. Other versions later!
Nude here (explicit) >>3000776
suggestive173191 alternate version69199 artist:not_texmex624 derpibooru exclusive34765 oc837602 oc only615228 oc:golden sunrise38 pegasus407475 pony1325374 bed50136 bedroom13669 butt179465 dialogue80357 diaper15405 diaper fetish9939 dock62056 female1605097 fetish49304 folded wings12962 looking back74190 lying down32994 messy mane9166 morning1239 non-baby in diaper11144 on side8208 open mouth198174 open smile16619 plot115436 smiling331749 solo1269664 solo female207814 tail66609 wings175477


not provided yet


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Prince Ecosis

Skunk Lover
Golden Sunrise is a proud showoff of her butt.
And wearing a nice, comfy diaper only makes the showing off better. You can look, but you can’t…
aw hell, you can touch too~.
Thanks for drawing this for me. :)