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Uploaded on Friday, December 2, 2022
Movie style upgrade of Dreamy Orange’s ponysona I drew for the collaboration last year, coming in at #23 in my submissions this year 😁😎🎞️
Extra fluffy thanks to movie style - cause why not 😉😄
Cutie mark and RD plushie by LightningBolt as usual; but everything else was vectored by me this time. 😌
safe1993589 artist:lincolnbrewsterfan561 derpibooru exclusive35289 rainbow dash261489 oc848307 oc:dreamy orange13 pegasus415980 pony1346311 2023 community collab774 derpibooru community collaboration5454 butt fluff489 chest fluff54928 chin fluff367 cloud38349 cute239375 cute face219 cute smile116 ear fluff42526 female1623841 fluffy mane378 fluffy tail325 green eyes7072 grooming874 holding4494 looking at you221522 male468528 mare629565 mouth hold21568 multicolored mane3180 multicolored tail2280 neck fluff1158 ocbetes7893 one wing out504 orange mane321 orange tail100 pegasus oc27105 plushie28113 preening1114 rainbow dash plushie139 simple background511546 smiling337906 smiling at you14996 solo1286382 spread wings77252 stallion155928 stallion oc181 striped mane447 striped tail226 tail69718 transparent background251446 unshorn fetlocks37412 wing fluff1978 wings179753


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