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Uploaded on Tuesday, November 29, 2022
Got to draw Sassy Lost for the third time this year! 😁 Wiimeiser’s awesome girl takes my 21st 2023 Community Collaboration submission! 😎
Gave her her own custom color modified Delta Pipbuck, for the milestone of being one of the few OCs of another artist I drew nearly as many times as one of my own OCs this year. 🥳🥉
Update 12/1/22: forgot the Collab tags of all things 🤦
safe1993588 artist:lincolnbrewsterfan561 derpibooru exclusive35289 oc848306 oc only622147 oc:sassy lost22 pegasus415975 pony1346301 2023 community collab774 derpibooru community collaboration5454 fallout equestria20886 .svg available9660 :d1639 ^^2147 adorable face1796 chest746 cute239375 cuteness overload261 daaaaaaaaaaaw5877 ear piercing36460 earring27746 eyes closed122792 fallout equestria oc147 female1623841 folded wings13539 glowing13377 heterochromia7615 inkscape2306 jewelry93310 large39 leg guards20 looking at you221522 mare629565 movie accurate1644 no base51 ocbetes7893 open mouth201846 open smile17864 pegasus oc27105 piercing54612 pipbuck4086 purple eye29 red eye124 ruffled wing11 scar14694 screen500 simple background511546 skull3863 smiling337905 smiling at you14996 solo1286382 spikes926 strap83 svg4395 tail69718 transparent background251446 two toned mane4190 two toned tail1927 vector84679 weapons-grade cute4330


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