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Uploaded on Black Friday, November 25, 2022 at 11:59 p.m.
Wanted to score a best friend hug vector two days in a row, so speed tagged this special request for the Collab by icicle wicicle 1517 on behalf of his friend Rose-Blade (Derpibooru link here) - featuring a cosplay of one of my favorite shows of the 2018 end, Miraculous Ladybug - and hit upload right before midnight. 😴😇
This is my 12th collaboration submission 😁
Disclaimer: this is not a shipping vector, it is simply a friendship hug done slightly more intimate - please do not tag this as a shipping pic or lesbian. I personally would not appreciate having my images tagged incorrectly as it is a personal testament, thank you.🌺
safe1993592 artist:lincolnbrewsterfan561 derpibooru exclusive35288 oc848306 oc only622147 oc:lucy fair11 oc:sunny harmony7 bat pony65271 demon4511 demon pony2020 devil553 hybrid26787 pegasus415982 2023 community collab774 derpibooru community collaboration5454 .svg available9660 bat pony oc25556 bat wings14275 behaving like a cat2692 belt7883 belt buckle454 best friends775 blood28785 blue eyes8955 blue mane2316 blue tail599 cat noir5 cat tail616 chat noir94 closed mouth422 clothes567706 cosplay31730 costume35641 crying51065 cuddle puddle357 cuddling9751 curled up375 devil horns634 disclaimer8 duo123748 gradient mane1663 gradient tail541 hoof heart1226 horn120763 horns9008 hybrid oc369 inkscape2306 ladybug (miraculous ladybug)87 lip piercing1525 looking at you221523 mask8817 miraculous ladybug438 movie accurate1644 no base51 nose piercing3576 nose ring2693 open mouth201847 pair194 pegasus oc27105 piercing54612 pitchfork332 pony pile889 red eyes8938 simple background511551 slit pupils6356 smiling337908 smiling at you14997 svg4395 tail69719 tears of blood415 transparent background251447 transparent wings697 underhoof62396 vector84679 wings179755


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