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i made a tumblr tee hee
safe1946115 artist:draw3150 fluttershy235801 pegasus395023 pony1295780 g46552 2022520 blushing234711 bronybait3198 bust65777 dialogue78624 drugs2805 female1579366 heart59754 high res83923 ibuprofen2 looking at you212333 no pupils5033 reaching749 simple background490511 simple shading364 smiling323537 smiling at you13194 solo1246048 talking to viewer4123 underhoof60899 wat20682 white background126730 wingless5852


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Conscious Donkey

@Background Pony #8D5E
Fun fact: ibuprofen overdose is relatively harmless, but if you take it regularly, it frequently causes stomach problems. Conversely, the other common painkiller paracetamol (Panadol, Tylenol…) can be safely taken for years, but an overdose will lead to fatal liver damage.
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Had to check knowyourmeme for this one.
This seems to be one of those memes where there’s not actual context behind it, somebody posted something random and then people started copying it.