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Princess Celestia to Twilight Sparkle: “Fluttershy is..?”
Twilight Sparkle: “Part of her mother flank?… yes.
Princess Celestia: “And you want me to?”
Twilight Sparkle: “Bring back Fluttershy… again.”
(Again I don’t know why I’m forgetting their cutie marks.)
suggestive173430 artist:bestponies189 fluttershy238577 posey shy1622 pegasus408355 pony1327376 annoyed6386 belly36360 big belly16469 blushing239384 butt180259 dialogue80589 digestion3298 eyes closed121086 female1606627 fetish49372 flutterprey697 fluttershy is not amused488 glasses77612 huge belly6683 impossibly large belly13251 internal5086 jewelry91618 lying down33095 mare619937 mare pred254 milf11625 mother and child4065 mother and daughter7065 open mouth198459 plot116729 same size vore722 soft vore1389 stomach noise4225 stretching2797 unamused20723 vore16807 wet9973 wet mane5898 yoga928


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One of these days, I think Celestia might just get tired of this and eat the milfs herself… Or just leave the mane 6 wobbling on their rumps~