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A new story from the Crystal Prep girls, I hope you like it.
Sunny was about to be late, her huge body her huge body was shaking from side to side as she walked through the city, but she didn’t care because she didn’t want to be late again, she knew the consequences and that’s why she was running, or trying to as much as her weight would allow her to, her tight dress marked every fold of her big body, she knew this dress was smaller than she thought but there was no time to choose another dress, besides it’s not like she had more options either, because Sunny was growing with each day and she didn’t have much time to change her closet so fast.
“Alright I hope Sugarcoat is still waiting for me, I know I’ll be late, but I’d rather that than…last time was horrible.” Sunny said to herself remembering the last time she failed Sugarcoat, it had been horrible and she didn’t want to feel that again, she had enough trouble with her growing size.
“I’m finally at the park…I’m so tired, this body always manages to make me triple tired, now…where is she?” said Sunny as she looked around the park for her friend, until she saw in the distance a huge girl sitting with an ice cream in the distance, the girl was the biggest in the park and she managed to make the small park bench suffer from all the weight it had to support.
“Sugarcoat, it’s you…sorry for the delay…you know, I had trouble with this new dress, it’s smaller than I expected and…” Sunny said with a visibly uncomfortable smile, as she waited for her friend to believe her story.
Sugarcoat with her eternally serious expression just watched Sunny, they both knew what would happen now, so the huge girl settled back in the seat, making it rattle more than usual in protest, Sugarcoat had become huge in the last few weeks and it wasn’t easy to avoid, her stomach just kept stretching her extra large dress and her stomach was showing out because of how full she was, it was evident that the girl ate more than she should have while she waited for her friend, but it was normal as her appetite grew with her, Sugarcoat looked at her friend again and said, “You are late I ate your ice cream and I had to go buy another one, but as you still didn’t arrive I had to eat one more ice cream, and this ice cream will suffer the same, so you know what you should do”.
“Yeah…alright Sugarcoat, I’ll go buy the food, wait for me here”. Sunny changed her expression quickly and knew that for the next hour she would eat everything Sugarcoat ate while she waited for her, besides eating what they had already decided, this was Sugarcoat’s new way of revenge on her friends when they made her wait for too long, besides her huge appetite was uncontrollable and this little exercise allowed her to be full most of the time…like now.
“Sugarcoat is so exaggerated sometimes, at least I’m hungry too, running to the park has been exhausting, but I know I’ll eat more than I need to…I just hope this dress will hold out for the next hour of not stop eating…”
suggestive170648 artist:deathsoul 6618 derpibooru exclusive33922 sugarcoat3633 sunny flare2966 human198638 equestria girls231142 equestria girls series38367 absurd resolution70764 bbw4996 belly35090 bench3128 big belly15835 big breasts104403 breasts336714 busty sugarcoat533 busty sunny flare248 canterlot city155 chubby cheeks4749 clothes550869 crystal prep63 double chin2327 dress52945 duo107825 duo female18890 eye contact7280 eyebrows14550 fat25697 fat boobs1038 female1582100 females only14922 food86152 frown28079 furniture abuse187 glasses76161 grin51715 huge224 huge belly6295 hungry720 ice cream5771 ice cream cone811 looking at each other26977 looking at someone6579 morbidly obese9231 obese13478 sandals5114 sitting77242 smiling324353 ssbbw2024 story included11083 sugarcream9 sunny fat21 thighs21516 thunder thighs12097 weight gain5095


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