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“W… Why do you look so excited all of a sudden?”
“Look! Those mushrooms!
“What about them? …Are they very tasty or something?”
“If you tried to taste one, you wouldn’t even live long enough to describe the flavour! That’s the extremely rare South Griffonian Horrible Death Fungus! I had no idea they even grew here!”
”…I see?”
“I must pick them and preserve them for my collection. You should probably stay back a bit.”
“You are… a bit eccentric, Bittergreen.”

safe2118920 artist:paskanaakka821 derpibooru exclusive38819 oc917365 oc only667038 oc:bittergreen44 oc:midnight dew211 earth pony423640 unicorn512898 cloak6131 clothes611933 ear fluff47519 female1740477 forest14734 mare703774 mushroom1370 story included12322 tree46084 tree stump675


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