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Pretty sure Celly is just being coy, but yeah definitely not her first time if shes using a leash.
But ain’t complaining! Time to treat the sun like she deserves~ Loving and Caring with a good firm ride.

suggestive190628 artist:thelunarmoon811 princess celestia112652 oc947005 oc:lunar moon99 alicorn313915 human245196 pony1601511 g42027510 big crotchboobs6248 bra21767 butt231044 clothes633993 collar47908 crotch bulge6178 crotchboobs30422 crotchbra494 erection25459 female1801632 garter belt12277 garter straps597 high res407756 huge butt16566 human oc926 imminent human on pony action48 imminent sex10808 implied tail hole1362 large butt33516 leash10584 male550380 mare740436 panties63743 penis213235 simple background595665 sketch82618 socks95436 sunbutt5933 tail100464 tenting520 thigh highs59471 underwear78787 white background161487


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