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safe2114870 artist:orin331674 applejack195974 fluttershy251753 pinkie pie249735 rainbow dash272564 rarity212695 starlight glimmer58494 sunset shimmer77180 twilight sparkle349461 alicorn302087 earth pony421512 pegasus469863 pony1475516 unicorn511049 g41381898 alicornified7233 alternate mane seven253 floating5536 gradient background22308 looking at each other32039 looking at someone13063 looking at you245584 magic93604 mane six36784 race swap20401 rainbow power3128 rainbow power-ified723 redesign4134 shimmercorn790 twilight sparkle (alicorn)145868


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Background Pony #9921
Forgetting Starlights wings. She deserves to be an Alicorn more than Sunset. Far more deserving.
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