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It’s weird that MLP: FIM has been around for 12 years! That’s crazy.
Well for the prompt, I went with the prompt of this year that has to do with Halloween.
Here, the mane 5, Misty and Sprout are doing some pumpkin carving. Onscreen, Sprout is disgusted by the pumpkin guts on his hooves, the rest and Sparky giggle at Sprout for the misfortune. Sparky is probably eating the pumpkin guts while they carve the pumpkins.
Source to the picture of Sparky with his face markings:

safe2171288 artist:small-brooke1998749 hitch trailblazer13845 izzy moonbow21607 misty brightdawn8551 sparky sparkeroni3981 sprout cloverleaf2490 dragon85267 earth pony444954 pony1599413 unicorn536572 mlp fim's twelfth anniversary340 g575160 baby16473 baby dragon4330 female1799272 halloween13173 high res407613 holiday35202 implied pipp petals211 implied sunny starscout212 implied zipp storm129 male549671 mare738783 offscreen character52142 pumpkin6971 pumpkin carving131 stallion195164


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