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Feedbag Famous
Here’s a simple little thing I did while working on the new sequence. Misty form G5 loving her some popcorn.
Yes feed bag is a canon website in G5 but I took a few liberties on what it’s used for. Sweating a little…

suggestive193276 artist:cinnamon-tinna-twist41 misty brightdawn9273 pony1637905 unicorn554519 g579323 absurd resolution68117 belly46868 belly bed3989 belly expansion1101 belly on floor613 big belly20348 bowl2459 dialogue96150 fat29442 fat fetish3351 feedbag6 fetish58579 floppy ears74807 food103740 growth8399 heart79204 heart eyes30806 hoof heart2270 impossibly large belly15045 misty butterball14 offscreen character53942 popcorn2044 simple background614099 speech bubble41323 squishy3634 stomach noise5158 stuffed belly1040 stuffing1811 table13460 that pony sure does love popcorn44 underhoof70536 weight gain5778 white background167939 wingding eyes42036


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Background Pony #C24A
This is blowing up on Feedbag. It’s getting all kinds of likes, shares, comments…and monkeys.
Background Pony #1D4F
Yes feed bag is a canon website in G5 but I took a few liberties on what it’s used for
Actually, the entire point of that bit was Feedbag just being something Pipp made up. That being said, a social media platform for posting food-related things would fit that name perfectly if it was a thing in-universe, so fanart of Misty stuffing herself is a perfectly fine use for it despite that context.