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Redrew something from a MLP comic that I thought was funny LOL
safe1971588 artist:galaxy swirl162 fluttershy238163 iron will1417 rainbow dash259323 pegasus406651 pony1323441 idw18399 blushing238660 boop8506 colored pupils11837 cute236209 duo focus1582 ear fluff41640 eye clipping through hair10971 female1603323 frown28795 glare8697 hand10794 happy38365 heart61149 heart eyes22699 looking up20685 mare618339 nose wrinkle3541 offscreen character43954 open mouth197784 open smile16537 rainbow dash is not amused849 scene interpretation9917 shyabetes16974 sitting78621 smiling331220 unamused20621 unshorn fetlocks36318 wingding eyes30314


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