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safe1946524 screencap257424 nightmare moon18754 sunny starscout11748 earth pony350897 pony1296301 g536656 my little pony: tell your tale8291 nightmare night party305 spoiler:g510294 spoiler:my little pony: tell your tale7468 spoiler:tyts01e30305 clothes549814 costume34729 female1579776 halloween11375 halloween costume2883 holiday27097 mare604273 nightmare moon costume17 nightmare night5582 nightmare sunny130


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Background Pony #E34F
Sunny’s dad was a historian/ archeologist with a house full of artifacts. She even recognized Twilight Sparkle’s holographic image.
Her costume could be “Nightmare Moon, the mythological origin of the holiday we still call Nightmare Night.” It could be “Nightmare Moon, the historic villain who fought Twilight Sparkle.” Or both.
Strong echoes of Twilight’s Starswirl the Bearded costume.
Background Pony #2C19
No mercy for the guilty!
Bring down the lying Sun!
Blood so silver, black by night,
upon their faces pale white.
Cruel Moon, bring the end.
The Dawn will never rise again!