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I’m confused.
In the movie, the subjects to the fans “the Pippsqueaks” were a lot more broad. Now, it seems the term “Pippsqueaks” is only narrowed down to those three foals.
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I believe it means, when it comes to Seashell, Glory, and Peach Fizz, they’re just the most prominent local Pippsqueaks in Maretime Bay. Pipp still has a huge fanbase across Equestria, but these three are practically the Crusaders of G5: 3 adorable fillies representing all 3 of the pony tribes.
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my guess is that the Pippsqueaks in MYM are just the only Pippsqueaks that are in Maretime Bay, while all the Pippsqueaks that we see in A New Generation are from Zephyr Heights, though it is a bit silly that in all of Maretime Bay, Pipp only has 3 fans