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safe1974612 alternate version69298 artist:lupin quill1184 twilight sparkle333316 alicorn275053 pony1327021 balcony1660 belly36281 big belly16427 blushing239235 cake11559 chubby15494 chubby cheeks4888 clothes560540 dialogue80501 dress53949 eyebrows15473 eyebrows visible through hair7849 fat26130 fat fetish2486 feedee780 female1606227 fetish49346 flower32874 food87928 implied weight gain199 levitation14293 magic86659 nervous7281 open mouth198350 see-through6505 solo1270809 spread wings75682 sweat33753 sweatdrop4640 telekinesis34325 textless version391 the ass was fat18639 twilard sparkle1593 twilight sparkle (alicorn)138738 wardrobe malfunction5886 waving3676 wingboner9104 wings175778


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