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Aww… just cuties being cute.
And thus, we’ve reached the end of the SFW ending with Twilight Sparkle, woohoo!
Also, you guys have a little scavenger hunt on your hands! What is Twilight Sparkle reading?
Hint: It’s my favourite TwiJack story.
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safe1947881 artist:gutovi496 applejack186445 twilight sparkle330204 alicorn270048 earth pony351650 pony1297869 comic:why me!?284 alternate ending609 awkward smile317 book38812 comic122540 female1581054 fireplace3223 golden oaks library5896 hat106646 high res84272 lesbian107689 mare605097 reading7203 shipping227335 show accurate22945 smiling324079 twijack1251 twilight sparkle (alicorn)137374


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Puns and Sexy Romance
Yay! Someone who got it!
I was struggling between inserting my own story, or referencing some of my favs, but in the end it felt less selfish to do so XD. Then the second struggle was deciding on which! “Rolling with the Punches” won over “A Fact for Twilight” and like 75% of Bats’ repertoire haha.