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“…18… …19… …20…”

“You barely hitting 20, AJ? I’m like 300 pounds heavier than you and I’m still way ahead,” Rainbow called out between heavy breaths, struggling to lift her weights up and down. “Getting weak on me?”

“Weak?! You’re sweatin’ over 10-pound kettlebells and you’re callin’ me weak? Yeah, right,” Applejack hollered back, grunting with each poorly executed sit-up. “Why don’t ya get up and grab somethin’ bigger to lift? Or that blubber butt of yours still holdin’ you back?”

“Look who’s talking! Your blubber butt can’t even fit in your own driver’s seat.”

“I ain’t the one wearin’ down the truck’s suspension!”

As the two of them continued their seaside workout, hurling insults and roasting each other, they remained fully unaware of the attention they were getting. This was especially for one particularly flustered lifeguard, watching intently as the behemoth women work up a sweat.

Rainbow - 1025 lbs
Applejack - 737 lbs
suggestive167347 artist:neongothic313 applejack184728 rainbow dash254865 scootaloo54587 human189218 equestria girls228208 amplejack173 applefat631 bbw4891 belly34075 belly button92509 big belly15166 big breasts101756 bingo wings3135 binoculars632 breasts329278 busty applejack12079 busty rainbow dash9572 chubby cheeks4639 double chin2265 fat25230 fat ass398 fat boobs999 fat fetish2265 female1554370 fetish47272 furniture abuse177 huge belly5926 huge breasts47089 immobile3427 impossibly large belly12646 impossibly large breasts19705 lip bite13319 morbidly obese9093 obese13286 older32812 older scootaloo2505 rainblob dash979 ssbbw1967 story included10854 thighs20426 thunder thighs11462 weight gain5007


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Background Pony #67C6
Rainbow’s already lost over 200 pounds meanwhile AJ is like 12 pounds lighter since we last saw her? Tsk tsk, somebody’s slacking off.
Background Pony #5A24
Holy cow! RD’s losing weight fast. In just two months, she’s lost 260 pounds. Of course, she’s still incredibly obese. Still not even half as fat as Sunset. I estimate Sunset should weigh at least 2100 by now, probably even 2200.
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Noob who ships Twinkie
Scoots is definitely enjoying the show.
Also AJ is inching back up towards 750 lbs. If she isn’t careful she’ll be back to being over 800 lbs before fall is halfway over.
Which would be totally fine with me!