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“Might want to hurry, Celestia,” the scooter-bound little sister playfully teased as she held up a tray of pastries. “I have slot machines to play. And you have a buffet to catch.”

Meanwhile, the bigger sister huffed and puffed as she waddled close behind. “Wait up… please,” she bellowed out as she hungrily tried to reach for a treat. “I can only walk so far these days!”

Luna - 1011 lbs
Celestia - 868 lbs
suggestive167347 artist:neongothic313 princess celestia103176 princess luna107264 principal celestia4013 vice principal luna2883 human189218 equestria girls228208 bbw4891 belly34075 big belly15166 bingo wings3135 breasts329276 busty princess celestia11869 busty princess luna8238 chubby cheeks4639 chubbylestia995 cruise ship233 double chin2265 fat25230 fat ass398 fat boobs999 fat fetish2265 female1554359 fetish47272 huge belly5926 immobile3427 impossibly large belly12646 morbidly obese9093 obese13286 princess moonpig638 scooter1411 siblings13517 sisters11902 ssbbw1967 story included10854 thighs20426 thunder thighs11462 wardrobe malfunction5749 weight gain5007


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