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Don’t do it D:
safe1922065 artist:stellardust75 twilight sparkle327145 alicorn264935 angel1272 angel pony185 demon4126 demon pony1807 devil523 original species30506 pony1269488 behaving like a cat2548 book38189 bookshelf4550 cute228791 dialogue77176 eyes on the prize6136 female1557009 imminent pounce93 mare589568 shoulder angel235 shoulder devil251 that pony sure does love books1253 twiabetes13492 twilight sparkle (alicorn)135837


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Background Pony #D44F
On one hoof, it’s evil.
On the other, it’s a book, and books are meant to be read.
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I don’t think the angle has much chance here. And the devil might want to move before they are considered to be in the way of reading the book. Getting slapped by a hoof the size of your body doesn’t sound like fun.