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suggestive193556 artist:tangobat44 part of a set24948 applejack203518 rarity220701 twilight sparkle363141 earth pony521025 human254849 unicorn556391 anthro368884 g42066334 applebutt7567 areola32549 areola outline362 ass82018 big breasts129852 blushing282216 breasts401290 busty applejack14356 butt238716 cleavage47940 clothes651204 dialogue96422 dress63795 eared humanization3503 female1845839 female focus13473 freckles45903 huge breasts60123 humanized121591 monochrome177247 muscles19801 nipples249236 nudity525395 puffy areolas2742 sideboob14410 solo focus30894 speech bubble41539 stupid sexy applejack1357 sweat42070 text92440 the ass was fat21548 thighs29477 thunder thighs17156 wide hips31788


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Dayum, this is amazing. Her eyes, breasts, hips, beautiful. I may need to borrow that cutie mark pattern idea for Rarity’s text box, that adds a lot of punch to the dialog.