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White socks looks quite different from the black one.

safe2171926 alternate version86373 artist:fensu-san639 oc946271 oc only686891 oc:jeppesen144 pegasus495463 anthro359092 unguligrade anthro65201 bag9598 beautiful8603 book43491 bookshelf5630 bowtie14997 braid9870 braided tail1903 breasts390310 briefcase220 chair11755 clothes633338 commission117040 cottagecore1142 crepuscular rays5006 cute265428 desk4611 female1800016 flower39368 flower in hair12540 indoors8150 ink1526 inkwell640 kneesocks1560 lamp3868 legs11869 library4178 lidded eyes47889 lined paper5448 long hair8362 long tail5430 mare739323 plaid skirt852 pleated skirt4508 quill3385 quill pen244 reasonably sized breasts4149 scenery10414 school bag21 school uniform9549 schoolgirl2397 shirt40305 sitting92183 skirt55449 smiling396620 socks95297 solo1424142 spread wings94222 stockings48381 striped socks28252 studying344 tail100155 thigh highs59334 twin braids205 uniform16534 white socks291 window13973 wing fluff2386 wings222317 writing1529 zettai ryouiki2279


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