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safe1949187 artist:chub-wub657 mean twilight sparkle916 pinkie pie236911 twilight sparkle330356 alicorn270358 pony1299400 the princess of evil22 the last problem7085 adorkable4000 bi twi65 bilight sparkle55 blunt181 choker17004 cigarette4696 clothes551017 crossover68412 crossover shipping3643 curved horn8885 cute232511 cute little fangs2702 dork4314 drugs2811 duality4861 dusk shine2593 ear piercing34839 earring26730 equestria girls ponified4734 expressions1134 facial expressions319 fangs32601 female1582316 glasses76184 grin51733 highlight sparkle77 hoodie17505 horn113080 jewelry88986 kinsona44 makeup30121 male451664 male alicorn247 mare605771 mcdonald's682 meta17505 mordecai731 mordetwi457 multeity2704 older33546 older twilight2595 one eye closed39199 open mouth193753 piercing52424 pince-nez118 ponified45954 pride2988 pride flag2660 red eyes8469 regular show1006 round glasses424 rule 6330509 scarf27922 shipping227451 slit pupils6046 smiling324439 smoking4986 socks80376 sparkle sparkle sparkle283 stallion146235 straight157551 striped socks24893 sunglasses18182 trans female1184 trans male323 transgender2532 transgender pride flag778 twiabetes13682 twilight sparkle (alicorn)137476 twitter3443 wings169769 wink29225


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