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safe2089748 artist:scribble-potato94 oleander (tfh)1761 sunny starscout17376 twilight sparkle346343 alicorn296440 earth pony410864 pony1448660 unicorn499403 them's fightin' herds7317 g559387 bag8754 book41560 community related7695 crossover71220 eyebrows20123 eyebrows visible through hair9664 female1710519 floppy ears69154 frown32778 glowing16188 glowing horn27619 high res93076 horn134867 magic92261 magic aura8157 mare684470 sitting86562 sunny and her heroine256 telekinesis37111 train3300 trio22749 trio female4735 twilight sparkle (alicorn)144297 unicornomicon287


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Background Pony #719C
Don’t mind them Twilight, one’s from another dimension and the other is from an alternate timeline created by Starlight GLimmers’s evil time travel actions.
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