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There she is! It’s a magical friendship princess.✨✨💫
(So far, the series has been completed!!!)✨🎉🎊
If you want to know more, you can go to my space to see the first few series.
safe1972231 artist:千雲九枭40 applejack187837 fluttershy238260 owlowiscious2113 pinkie pie238639 rainbow dash259392 rarity203192 sci-twi28864 spike87308 twilight sparkle333013 alicorn274603 bird11536 dragon72241 earth pony361836 human203845 owl1511 pegasus407019 pony1324286 unicorn446776 equestria girls233949 the last problem7167 alternate hairstyle33447 angry32651 ballerina1127 big crown thingy2816 bipedal43782 book39323 chest fluff53371 clothes559530 colored wings9907 colored wingtips1968 coronation dress860 crown24975 dark magic2990 derp7740 discorded2082 discorded twilight488 dress53798 element of magic3027 equestria girls ponified4767 eyepatch3584 female1604074 filly84867 filly twilight sparkle3099 floppy ears64541 flying47423 foal29682 fresh princess of friendship78 future twilight1154 gala dress5007 gritted teeth16622 happy38387 hat108998 holiday28891 horn117378 jewelry91330 magic86515 mane six35329 math911 messy mane9171 midnight sparkle2820 multeity2743 nightcap779 older34166 older twilight2674 open mouth197973 ponified46364 pose7581 princess twilight 2.03234 punklight sparkle822 regalia29839 scepter1328 scroll3825 sleeping26752 smiling331463 sparkle sparkle sparkle285 sparkly eyes575 spike riding twilight526 spread wings75504 surprised11290 teeth15394 telekinesis34261 thinking2350 tired3828 tutu1236 twilarina371 twilight scepter2104 twilight sparkle (alicorn)138599 valentine's day4207 wing bling110 wingding eyes30329 wings175249 younger20262


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