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safe1949623 artist:ja0822ck361 nightmare moon18768 princess luna108440 alicorn270420 pony1299799 age progression770 butt172333 cute232566 eye contact7279 featured image1049 female1582671 filly83199 frown28093 glare8664 lidded eyes38249 looking at each other26993 looking at someone6599 lunabetes3934 mare605956 mirror6358 plot112084 reflection3976 simple background492043 sitting77277 slit pupils6048 smiling324542 too real6 underhoof61022 white background127225 woona5448 younger20030


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Background Pony #9F8E
Y’all are so busy looking at the metaphorical mirror-of-desire side, you are missing its literally Luna seeing her future self. Little Luna -> big Luna, big Luna -> NMM, NMM -> little Luna via Elements of Harmony.

The Nostalgia Critic said it best, way back when in his prime. “When you’re a kid, all you want is to be in high school. When you’re in high school, all you want is to be in college. When you’re in college, all you want is to be an adult, and when you’re an adult, all you want is to be a kid again.”