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suggestive179135 artist:snuddy428 applejack191369 earth pony388187 anthro328510 plantigrade anthro45150 3d109260 applebutt5959 applejack's beach shorts swimsuit108 ass73627 beach19953 beach shorts swimsuit338 bikini23203 blender12098 breasts356797 butt200243 clothes581472 female1660058 large butt28112 looking at you229433 lying down36598 no tail1984 prone32155 solo1321039 swimsuit35889 the ass was fat19476 the pose434 tight clothing3436 towel4529 water20603
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Applejack has the best butt of the Mane 6, pony, human or anthro! Guarantee. There is no beating that farm grown, home feed, work toned and all natural ass! AppleButt for the WIN!

Pinkie: “Uh, uhm, Aj? Your butt is…”
AJ: “Pinkie, I’m dog tired and had ‘nough of you mentionin’ mah butt.”
Pinkie: “But it’s getting bigger!”
AJ: “Oh like you’re one to talk.”
Pinkie: “No, like right now!”
AJ: “Oh, horseapples. I musta spilled that plant grower Twi’ made me again.”