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Alt. source: Twitter
safe1973868 artist:kittyrosie1227 part of a set18576 applejack187960 fluttershy238434 pinkie pie238776 rainbow dash259581 rarity203336 twilight sparkle333204 alicorn274899 butterfly8450 earth pony362546 pegasus407805 pony1326045 unicorn447533 backwards cutie mark4199 blushing239056 book39359 candy8636 cherry blossoms872 chibi16577 cloud37902 cookie4541 cute236698 dashabetes10988 diapinkes11573 female1605644 flower32857 flower blossom690 food87882 jackabetes7231 lollipop2929 looking at you217606 lying down33030 mane six35351 mare619535 one eye closed39968 open mouth198243 open smile16634 prone30873 rainbow5756 raised hoof59968 raribetes6399 reading7308 redraw2624 shyabetes17018 simple background502915 sky19188 smiling331889 starry eyes4369 sun8133 tail66711 that pony sure does love books1277 transparent background248469 tree41512 twiabetes13872 twilight sparkle (alicorn)138686 waving3673 white background130644 wingding eyes30380 wings175594 wink29666


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