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safe1975120 screencap264070 hitch trailblazer8109 posey bloom903 sunny starscout12870 earth pony363031 pony1327453 another pony's trash185 g541267 my little pony: tell your tale10520 spoiler:g512835 spoiler:my little pony: tell your tale9593 spoiler:tyts01e23185 angry32707 animated113198 annoyed6386 bag7558 bow38344 coat markings9250 complaining130 doodle4033 female1606636 fluttershy's cutie mark325 frown28880 garlic42 hair bow21613 implied pegasus51 implied unicorn13 jewelry91620 looking at each other27682 looking at someone7489 male461071 mare620048 multicolored hair8964 necklace25959 note640 notes98 notice board2 open mouth198424 rainbow dash's cutie mark354 rainbow hair3905 saddle bag7240 socks (coat markings)5435 sound13060 stallion150832 sticky note298 sweat33758 sweatdrop4642 talking8615 twilight sparkle's cutie mark365 webm19918 window11321


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Loving fan and shipper
The weird thing about Posey acting like a Karen is that we usually see her hound Hitch. Karens are mostly known for hounding minimum-wage workers and passerbys, but Hitch is a reputable sheriff + a hero of Equestria + friends with at least three powerful, influential ponies. Plus he paid-off his own mortgage, so unless if he was born into wealth, Hitch really isn’t a minimum wage worker. Kinda weird he’s the one the writers have Posey pick on.
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@Classic Master
Segregation is gonna be the least of your worries, Smackhound, running around barefoot like that. “Hello, Hookworms, get in my feet!” Or whatever, some kind of worms… Will get in your feet. >w<
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Unicorns smell? I thought earth ponies were the ones that smell, at least according to Izzy earlier.