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Oh, my…

original picture is Trixie
safe1709636 artist:jpringboldin24 twilight sparkle300726 pony970670 unicorn324750 computer6187 drool24843 female1366001 floppy ears52442 frown22948 heart attack150 hnnng2435 mare482141 open mouth146473 reaction image9470 real heart attack12 simple background394531 solo1066349 uvula2073 white background98215


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☀Welcome Princess Celest
@James Rye
It was a guess. I also seen the image and I too thought it was an adult twilight.
There is also the possibility that it may have been a smaller resolution duplication.
James Rye
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

I had on when i noticed the "awesome humanized Twily being adorable while trying to be seductive in hr socks, panties and a shirt. eWith a Spike plushie on the bed"-picture was gone.