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I dare someone to try and tag all these ships….
safe (1521336) artist:ciscoql (89) angel bunny (9039) apple bloom (45514) applejack (154846) berry punch (5996) berryshine (5988) big macintosh (26301) bloomberg (138) blues (899) bon bon (15235) braeburn (5995) caramel (2314) carrot cake (1956) carrot top (5076) cheerilee (9176) cranky doodle donkey (895) cup cake (3668) daisy (2160) daring do (5905) derpy hooves (47338) diamond tiara (9442) dinky hooves (4176) discord (28042) dj pon-3 (27597) doctor whooves (9872) fancypants (1727) fleur-de-lis (3236) flim (2106) fluttershy (192399) gilda (8865) golden harvest (5076) goldengrape (583) granny smith (4901) gummy (4734) hoity toity (939) little strongheart (706) lyra heartstrings (27106) madame leflour (392) matilda (450) mayor mare (2992) minuette (5235) mr. turnip (235) nightmare moon (15646) noteworthy (900) nurse redheart (3162) octavia melody (21800) opalescence (1939) owlowiscious (1874) philomena (1010) photo finish (2470) pinkie pie (198297) pipsqueak (2664) prince blueblood (3734) princess celestia (87543) princess luna (91586) rainbow dash (213657) rarity (164886) scootaloo (48256) shining armor (21148) silver spoon (6090) sir colton vines iii (583) smarty pants (1407) snails (5075) snips (3932) soarin' (13058) spike (72405) spitfire (12508) steven magnet (548) sweetie belle (45673) sweetie drops (15218) time turner (9858) tom (848) trixie (59686) truffle shuffle (413) twilight sparkle (274018) twist (2759) vinyl scratch (31692) winona (2388) zecora (8537) alicorn (183527) donkey (1534) dragon (44366) earth pony (178941) griffon (23650) pegasus (220861) pony (795917) unicorn (242403) zebra (14953) age difference (1973) applecest (1809) applecora (31) appledash (5142) applemac (999) applespike (744) artifact (1021) berrygate (84) bisexual (4399) braeheart (113) braemac (375) braepie (38) carajack (378) cargo ship (502) celestimac (61) challenge accepted (60) chart (798) cheerilight (111) cheerimac (775) crack shipping (3406) crankilda (130) daisygrape (49) daringdash (127) derpyburn (14) derpydash (149) derpymac (60) dinkysqueak (86) discolight (341) discopie (460) dislestia (1400) doctorderpy (1377) doctwi (45) everypony (357) female (845525) flarity (1408) fluttercora (22) flutterdash (4164) flutterlestia (74) fluttermac (2576) flutterpie (1335) flutterspike (508) gay (24308) gildapie (76) gildash (332) gildashy (105) glixie (27) grannytosh (8) hoitymac (27) incest (11845) infidelity (4942) interspecies (19922) lesbian (88887) lunadash (75) lunajack (106) lunamac (268) lunapip (243) lunashy (267) luxie (149) lyrabon (2979) lyramac (13) macora (109) male (287936) mane six (28303) meta (15654) pansexual (114) philowiscious (3) pinkiedash (3162) pinkielestia (55) pinkielight (3) pinkiespike (412) princest (1950) rainbowmac (448) rainbowspike (482) rariblood (146) raridash (1813) rarijack (6414) rarilight (1705) rarimac (418) raripants (264) raritom (52) rockcon (106) scootabelle (462) scootabloom (235) scootapie (23) scratchtavia (2768) selfcest (2524) shiningsparkle (1344) shipping (176738) shipping chart (104) shycora (18) silverbelle (97) smartymac (36) soarindash (4491) soarinfire (566) sparity (6188) spikebelle (679) spikebloom (401) straight (117165) sweet celestia (8) sweetiebloom (287) sweetiesqueak (70) tomberg (5) trixmac (65) twiblood (88) twicest (972) twidash (4905) twijack (1045) twilestia (2448) twiluna (1574) twimac (417) twinkie (1657) twishy (1156) twispike (1594) twitavia (16) twixie (4742) wall of tags (2124) zecobloom (32)


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Background Pony #31FC
…Seriously? Tom and… Bloomberg? I mean, at least Turnip and LeFlour is…
…Nope, stopping right there, not trying to offend anyone, dropping that topic right here.
@Background Pony #1075
Actually, The Cakes are canon, since, y'know, they're married with kids…

Dont forget Cranky and Matilda!
Frustration in Excelsis
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It's an old chart — it was posted on DA in April 2012, whereas "Keep Calm and Flutter On" aired in January 2013. At that time, Discord wouldn't have had much more of a link to Fluttershy than to any other member of the main six. In a way, it's a rather fascinating look into the early fandom, or at least the fandom as it was by the end of Season 2!
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You know what bothers me about this chart? The lack of Fluttercord. I've searched and squinted and I don't see a line connecting Fluttershy and Discord once.
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Background Pony #AB74
daringdash is cool. Rainbow dash knows that daring do is real and believes in her stories she is the only one who believes in daring do. But quibble pants don't believe in their stories nor believe that daring is real. They are both fans but they are different and they are not true loves they just are friends. Rainbow dash is not in love with anyone and there is no one like her more than daring do.
Background Pony #AB74
SoarinDash and Flashlight are not canonical. appear on the screen but are not canonical. rainbow dash no have boyfriend nor twilight neither

Derpiboo shipping tag charts as of January 2017:

1. Sparity
2. Rarijack
3. AppleDash
4. TwiDash
5. SoarinDash
6. FlutterDash
7. Twixie
8. PinkieDash
9. LyraBon
10. FlutterMac

Twilestia and Scratchtavia fell just a little too short.
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@Background Pony #1B9B
If you are referring to why Twidash, Sunsetsparkle and Rarijack are better than SoarinDash and Flashlight (ESPECIALLY FLASHLIGHT), it comes down to the other character. Flash pony is a freaking nothing character with, like, 2 lines of dialogue, only one of which is directed at Twilight. Heck, Twilight has never talked to him.
Soarin was shipped with Rainbow during the time soarin was nothing more than, 'my pie!!!',which makes it completely devoid of character.
Shipping Sunset and Twilight together, or Rarity and Applejack is a no brainer since they have SO much screen time and dialogue together. Twidash is a little bit less, but still follows the same principle.
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A few things.

It ships the two most popular characters with each other, a common thing in any fandom.
Second, Twilight do have really good exchanges, and their episodes together are really fun, so I can u understand it. Third, it's nearly a classic/cliche, 'Nerd and Jock fall for each other', so as a Rarijack shipper, I can totally see the appeal since Rarijack is cliche, 'city and country'.
Of course, Rainbow isn't a Jock, and Rarity isn't a city girl, but the similarities are there.

One more thing. Twidash is high tier, but it currently isn't bigger than Rarijack, and that isn't as big as sparity. One nice thing to note is that Sparity has always been leagues ahead, usually over a thousand images bigger than Rarijack. Now it's only 700.

Now, while I much prefer Sunsetsparkle to Twidash, both are very good :)
Both are a Hell of a lot better than SoarinDash and Flashlight
Luna's Light

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WTF who ships Twidash and why is that the biggest one? It's not even a good opposites pairing like Aj & rarity. The only unique bond between them is books, primarily daring doo. W/e, not a big RD fan myself.
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All these comments and all these tags….and you people forgot the second biggest ship on the site….

Rarijack tag added.