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Ok, so this is what happens when one asks for help with coloring (IOU Lardpin) and then convinces themself that they can shade in the rest of everything.
I can’t. Or rather I don’t care to, I’ve got fat horses to draw, not edit.
So here it is at the halfway point: Blobby Ponk based off of that one sketch Hen! drew years ago being stuffed by Discord LARPing as a chocolate fountain statue.
Character line work by me. Color and Background by Lupin Quill.
questionable112884 artist:lupin quill1112 artist:white-eyed vireo203 discord34156 pinkie pie234594 earth pony339081 pony1267908 ass64577 belly34115 belly bed3348 big belly15189 bingo wings3142 blob2338 butt163423 chocolate3836 chubby cheeks4647 collaboration6072 double chin2270 fat25254 fat fetish2274 fatcord118 feedee743 feeder571 fetish47315 food83896 grin50089 huge belly5937 huge butt12542 immobile3430 impossibly large belly12655 impossibly large butt8478 impossibly obese1052 large butt23715 morbidly obese9101 multichin522 obese13297 palindrome get1673 piggy pie722 pudgy pie1737 rolls of fat2232 smiling315736 triple chin253 underhoof60015


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Just to clear up a few questions I’ve been asked personally: That’s chocolate, not puke.
It’s a weird color for chocolate, I’ll admit. So -1 points for Lupindoor.