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A quick* de-stress draw featuring a big, squishy, bouncy, Ponkabadonkadonk.
Inspired by @Dufel3’s recent Rarity wides.
  • By quick I mean 4 hours over 2 days. I am slow.
suggestive170067 artist:thewindking130 pinkie pie236612 earth pony350294 pony1294824 balloonbutt5322 belly34853 belly on floor438 big belly15626 butt170884 chubby cheeks4725 dialogue78578 fat25630 female1578514 huge belly6151 huge butt12880 impossibly large belly12834 impossibly large butt8626 large belly1311 large butt24621 looking back72315 mare603558 morbidly obese9204 obese13435 open mouth192970 piggy pie727 pudgy pie1761 simple background490117 text74436 wide hips23685


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