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The curse of pink-yellow ponies.
safe1920948 edit152143 edited screencap77112 screencap252037 angel bunny10539 fluttershy233355 izzy moonbow11130 posey746 posey (g5)439 earth pony339273 pegasus383246 pony1268328 rabbit6784 unicorn421031 dumpster diving221 g116222 g44736 g530887 my little pony 'n friends1585 my little pony: tell your tale5765 putting your hoof down867 season 23602 the revolt of paradise estate35 zipp's yes day248 spoiler:g56911 spoiler:my little pony: tell your tale5108 spoiler:tyts01e13221 spoiler:tyts01e22248 abuse8642 angry31626 animal5975 animated110231 background pony audience397 bow35886 chase940 ear piercing34046 earring26181 female1556022 flower31354 flutterbuse658 garden tools1 gif38377 grandfather clock76 hair bow20068 helmet12986 jewelry86126 letter3405 living object320 mailbox551 mare589006 motorcycle1349 necklace24856 piercing51318 posey bloom is not amused15 posey can't catch a break68 rake129 red face326 scooter1414 shovel1151 smoothie468 spilled drink199 tail58265 tail bow6960 unamused19671 wrong aspect ratio651


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I believe that clueless/vague with bad luck is better description for she and her incarnations because she doesn’t always make mistakes of someone clumsy, it’s more like, no matter how hard she tried something right, there will be one thing or another that makes her end up looking bad, with bad luck…
Also, I would say that receive much abuse…