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Guess since the files are public, I’ll upload them myself. Gift art from Racoon for Patreon support, before shit hit the fan. If only they had subscription tiers on Boosty so they could still get paid monthly…
safe1995941 artist:racoonsan643 princess celestia105943 human209216 bare shoulders5304 big breasts109569 breasts349787 busty princess celestia12416 clothes568653 dress54900 eye clipping through hair11391 hair over one eye11291 horn121230 horned humanization7575 humanized111620 looking at you222055 moderate dark skin990 praise the sun2254 smiling338597 smiling at you15111 solo1288127 tan skin177 winged humanization9601 wings180417


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Background Pony #F93D
what happened to racoon? i remember a lot of their early art but that’s about it
Background Pony #3B53
Again, RacoonKun surpising us with an high-quality piece like only he can do with its unique style. Amazing.