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Pit: “I’ve heard a lot about you. I didn’t expect things to happen like this, but it did!”
Sora: “Wha–?!”
[Pit runs up, hugs Sora, and starts crying]
Pit: “You came! You ACTUALLY came!”
The second I saw the trailer for Sora’s inclusion as the final DLC character of Smash Ultimate, I have wasted no time in making this.
Personally speaking, as Sora is here, there is no other character on the massive Smash Ultimate roster that will serve as a fateful partner–and even best friend–to him than the Angel of Light himself, Pit!
Like how I like most concepts, ideas, and thoughts in the stuff I love, this potential friendship is bound to my heart and mind, and I won’t be swayed otherwise.
Credit to yaya54320bases for the base.
safe1971647 artist:animatedone11 artist:yaya54320bases187 angel1348 human202826 equestria girls233887 angelic wings141 barely eqg related1263 base used29522 belt7739 clothes559252 crossover68844 crown24958 crying50459 equestria girls style833 equestria girls-ified11957 eyes closed120732 fingerless gloves5833 gloves25344 hug33568 huggies55 jacket16257 jewelry91269 kid icarus196 kingdom hearts1144 laurel wreath324 necklace25883 open mouth197802 pit (kid icarus)99 regalia29819 sandals5178 shoes49573 shorts17188 smiling331246 sora292 super smash bros.1225 tears of joy3066 wings175067


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