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safe2115648 screencap286512 applejack196026 fluttershy251836 pinkie pie249807 princess celestia110325 princess luna114656 rainbow dash272648 rarity212744 spike90578 starlight glimmer58509 twilight sparkle349544 alicorn302260 dragon81089 earth pony421930 pegasus470329 pony1476442 unicorn511491 g41623663 season 92831 the last problem7821 animated121962 applejack's hat13563 butt218636 cowboy hat24438 crown28536 eyes closed133467 female1737347 flying52656 gif46531 gifs.com800 glimmer glutes2319 group hug1187 hat119274 hug36317 jewelry106539 male528481 mane seven7697 mane six36792 mare701656 rainbutt dash6134 regalia34601 smiling375958 spread wings88178 twilight sparkle (alicorn)145913 winged spike9882 wings207396


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Solar Supporter - Fought against the New Lunar Republic rebellion on the side of the Solar Deity (April Fools 2023).

That scene made me go “(voice breaking) why do they need to retire? They dont look that old! The series can’t end! WHY HASBRO??!?!”
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