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This is an OC i Commissioned from an anonymous artist & here is the info about him.
Name, King Equus.
He is the 1st bron foal of the High-Queen of the world. (He was born by his Mother through the art of Immaculate Conception). Through his Mother & the same art of Immaculate Conception (at different points it time) he also got 2 Little Sisters.
He is was much older than his sisters who was born fairly near to eachother.
The names of his sisters are Princess Celestia & Princess Luna.
Cutie Mark.
His Cutie Mark represents the world, the green land, the blue ocean. The sky of both Day & Night, the core of the World itself. Also his destiny to rule & protect it all. (The dot’s could also mean that his destiny is to protect himself & his sisters too).
He was born along time ago. It took him a very long time to get his Cutie Mark. He is by far the latest bloomer in that aspect the planet Equus has ever seen. But once he finaly got his Cutie Mark, he was almos immediately coronated as the Rightfull King & Ruler of Equus. (His coronation took place exactly on the date 139 years before his oldest Little Sister Celestia for the very first time rose the Sun & got her Cutie Mark).
But not everyone approved of this new King of the world. The Evil Grogar swore to get rid of what was supossed to be his new King, by any means necessary. 2 Years later he had gatherd an near invincible army & declared war against Equus rule. The beings that had joined Grogar’s army was.
The entier Changeling hive, lead by Queen Chrysalis’s Great Grandmother.
Sombra’s race The Umbrums, lead by Sombra’s Mother The Queen of The Umbrums.
The Siren Queen, The one that created the Windigos & who is The Mother of Adagio, Aria & Sonata.
(Then) Prince Vorak & his Father the King + all of their Centaurs.
Half of all Dragonkind joined in.
Lastly many monsters far and wide also joined Grogar’s army.
On King Equus’s side we had All of Pony Kind, The Hippogriffs, The Griffons, The Yaks, The Kirins, The Minotaurs, The Buffalos, The Zebras. The Donkeys, The Mules, The Moose population & The Other Half of Dragonkind.
The first shot were fired when Grogar cast a strong Spell on the High-Queen turning her into stone. King Equus & his first star student Gusty The Great fought Grogar to a standstill in the throneroom forcing him to retreat, but not before giving Equus 2 eyescars, 1 on each eye. The 2 tried their hardest to break the spell on The High-Queen but the spell didn’t want to break.
The war raged on for 14 years. Taking 90% of the global population with it. (Most of the surviors were the ones that either were far to young or far to old to be drafted). The Changelings, The Centaurs & The Siren Queen pulled out of the war when the were given the choice of pulling out & gain independence or suffer total defeat. The Umbrums & Grogar’s Dragons fought to the bitter end. The Umbrums were transformed into Crystals. The last of Grogar’s Dragons fought another Dragoness to the bitter end. That Dragoness were King Equus Nr1 Suporter from the very start of the war & THE Cloesest friend he had among the Dragons. The Dragoness won the fight but was mortaly wounded. In her dying moments, she gave Equus & Gusty a Purple Egg, her only Egg begging her dear friends & commrads in arms take it and to protect it. (That egg was Spike’s egg). But at the end of this war Grogar was defeated & all of thoes who had fought alongside the ponies were given independece as a reward. But a Super Strong Nexus of pure Chaos & Disharmony had fromed thanks to that war. It had both Light & Dark Magic within it. The Light Magic comming from The High Queen’s playfull creativity & the Dark Magic comming from Grogar’s absolute hatered & desier for making beings suffer. (About 100 Years later & with enough beings falling into said Nexus, Discord were formed from the Light Half of it & out of the Dark Half of it Cosmo were fromed, with the rest of this Nexus forming a being that we know as Smooze).
It took nearly century for Equus & his new very young Star Student & Gusty’s Great Grandson Star Swirl The Bearded to free the High-Queen from her stone prisson. By that point she had been made extremly weak in comparison to what she once was.
A few years later & she to everyones greatest surprise gave birth to a baby Alicorn Filly, that had a pink mane & tail + a fur coat as white as the the purest of snow. Equus was beyond happy to have a little sister, not to menton an Alicorn like himself. He said that the little filly meant more to him than the celestial objects in the sky. The High-Queen thought about that phrase & said, i think your name should be Celestia little one, Princess Celestia.
Some years then pased, Equus loved playing games with his little one & a puppy named Luna she had gotten from him. One day the High-Queen was about to give birth again. Another little baby Alicorn Filly was born, she had a light blue mane & tail + her fur coa were deep blue like the ocean. Celestia was overjoyed with happiness jumping around saying, i have a sister i have a sister in a sing song voice. Luna got equally excited & almost casued the High-Queen to drop the baby. CAREFULL Luna don’t jump around to cloes to the baby. It’s ok Equus the High-Queen said Luna didn’t mean any harm. She then told Luna to come and sniff the baby, Luna did then gave the little one a friendly lick. The baby smiled & the High-Queen though to herself that Luna was a quite nice name she then said. Little Filly, would you like me to name you Luna aswell? The baby just smiled. I take that as a yes then, very well your name will be Luna, Princess Luna. YAY! Now i have 2 Lunas Celestia said.
The 3 Siblings loved eachother’s company like no other siblings had. But Equus didn’t enjoy it at all when he had to break up fights between them, as the sisters fought like some sisters do.
A Year after Luna had gotten her Cutie Mark. The High-Queen told her kids that she was to weak to stay in this Universe & had to go forever, but that she would allways watch them from beyond the stars. She then gave Equus the Heart of Creation & told him to gaurd it well.
Almost half a decade after the High-Queen had left, beings started to loose the ability to make offsprings. Equus knew that this was thanks to the war & the High-Queen no longer be among them. And that the only way to fix that was to merge the Heart of Creation together with The Center of The World. To properly do this he would have to go to the center & complete the merger himself being stuck there for 1000 years give or take a 100 years. So on the day Celestia had made the sun rose for the very first time 11 Years earlier, he said good bye to his sisters & star student. Telling his student to take good care of his sisters when he was gone & telling him to keep the Crystal weapon safe. Star Swirl then said that the Crystal Weapon would be kept safe with Princess Amore & that she surpass all of his lessons by far & that she is now ready for the job. Equus happy with these news then told his sisters to allways be good to eachother and never fight eachother & that he would be back one day. He also told them that for the safety of it all, he would have to whipe the memories of him & their Mother from all records & history books + the minds of all living beings. But that the 3 would be the only ones that would be able to remember him. He alos told them that when he comes back, the spell will be rversed. Lastly he gave the Dragon Egg he had gotten 134 years earlier to his Sisters & told them to keep this egg nice and safe, the 2 swore to do so, then he left. The sisters crying their little eyes & hearts out. The Star Student desperatly trying to fighting back tears knowing that he would never be able to see his beloved mentor and dearest friend of all, ever again.
Fastforward to the time between Season 8’s End & Season 9’s Begining.
About a week & a half had passed since Cozy Glow almost darined Equestria of all of it’s magic. And the Royal Sisters + Star Swirl The Bearded was talking in throne room at Canterlot Castle about any negative side effects that might still take plae after Cozy’s near destruction of the world. When in throgh the door something Star Swirl never thought he would ever see came in. Equus had came back, but wonderd how in the ever living hoof Star Swirl were still alive. Extremly many explanations later & Equus had gone through a 1100 year update on world events. Many tears, hugs & kisses were exchanged between the siblings. Equus asked if Celestia could honor him with being in chagre of the Sun & Luna the same when it came to the Moon. He aslo asked Celestia if she could continue her role as a tacher for young ponies of all kinds & Luna to continure to keep bad dreams away from the same young ponies, Mentoring them to become the best ponies they could posibly be, in their own unique ways. The 2 said yes at the same time.
After that, the ohter Pillars + Stygian, along with the Mane 6 + Spike. Starlight, Sunburst & Trixie, together with The Royal Family from the Crystal Empire were summoned to Canterlot. Needless to say, Twilight went all Twilight when she found out that Equestria had a King & that the 2 Royal Sisters had a secret Big Brother & wanted to ask him all sorts of questions. Equus looked at Spike & asked, is he & Celestia nodded & said yes he is. Then Equus told them everything about the true history fo Equestria’s past. They were horrified to hear about a war of such proportions. When Equus told them about Spike’s Mother he hugged Twilight chest tightly wheil the tears ran deep crying out the words. She loved me, she loved me, she loved me! Over and over again wheil Twilight tried her very best to comfort him & telling him that it’s ok & telling him that his mother indeed loved him. Shining then went to them both & hugged him cloes to telling him. And so do we Spike, the little Brother we allways were happy to have. Twilight & Shining held him there untill it all tears were gone.
After a long Welcome Back To Equestria, King Equss Party throwne by Pinkie Pie. They all went to bed with alot of things that would need to be sorted out.
Once the news broke about their the Kings Return & the Spell was Un-Done. Lord Tirek in his cage froze up, remebering all the war stories his Father told him. Making a mental note that should he ever again escape, it was stright home for him. He was done taking magic in Equestira for like forever.
(Note Equus is so Strong that he can break up a fight between Daybreaker & Nightmare Moon just as easy as Rock Hoof can break up a fight between Apple Bloom & Diamond Tiara).
One of the first acts King Equus made after being Re-Instaded as King, was to from the Colective Council of Comradery or CCC for short. Once a member, allways a member. The members of CCC would change in numbers and with time, as some of the members they passed along & new ones Re-Placed the old ones. The Original Members were King Equus (as head of the CCC), Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, Discrod, The Pillars of Equestria + Stygian. Princess Cadance, Shining Armor The Mane Six + Spike. Starlight Glimmer, Trixie Lulamoon, Sunburst & Lastly (Should she ever want to Return to Equestria,) Sunburst’s very own Big Sister & Celestia’s fromer stuedent, Sunset Shimmer.
One day Luna woke up, to find out that she was now as large as Celestia, she rushed to her sister & brother to show them. Celestia was shocked to see her little sister being the same hight as her after she went up from her bed. It was then Luna noticed that Celestia’s Cutie Mark had changed & had gotten the same background splash as Daybreaker had during Starlight’s Nightmare. The only difference from the Daybreaker Cutie Mark was that the splash was Day Sky Blue instead of Orange. Once the 3 Siblings had breakfast together, Equus explained that Luna would get this big & Celestia’s Cutie Mark would change, thanks to them being exposed to his now kinda overcharge magic. He also explained that if he would have left just a decade later Celestia’s Cutie Mark would have changed to this & Luna would have been this big along time ago. Luna then said that she would need new regalia thanks to her new size. Celestia asked if she wanted to share regalia with her, but Luna said that she was more of a Silver Mare than a Gold Mare & that she would like the jewls in her regalia to match her eyes, like Celestia’s jewls matches her eye color. Equus then said, i will have identical copies of Celestia’s regalia made for you by our fines blacksmiths, but with Sliver & your own jwels. He also told the 2 that he is impressed with how much Equestria has grown & that in about 250 years, it would be back to the state it was before Grogar’s war.
Spike, Big Mac & Discord eventually expanded their Guys Night gruope to include Shining Armor, King Thorax & King Equus after Celestia & Luna pushed him into joining them, by asking him to give it a shot and play the game Ogres And Oubliettes with them. King Equus soon became great friends with all 5 of them, even if Discord sometimes acts like a spoiled rebeliouse foal.
One time the six were on an real life adventure together, during that adventure alot of crazy stuff took place, like Spike almost getting blowne up if Shining hadn’t taken some of the damage almost making him die. Discord loosing almost all of his powers for a short wheil. Big Mac’s & Thorax’s minds switching bodies with eachother Equus getting temporary genderbent & a whole lot of other stuff. Poison Joke & some very bad guys were also involved. By the end of it all, everything was restored. But Equus was so impressed with Shining Armor that he Shining to have earned his Alicornhood, like his wife & sister had been before him. Making him the Prince of Family. As his wife had the Crystal Empire as her City State & his sister had Ponyville as her City State. He was given Cloudsdale to watch over & take good care of. Needless to say that his wife & sister were more than overjoyed to find out that Shining were now an Alicorn just like them.
It took some months, but after some trail & error the new throneroom were finally completed. With a big Yellow Throen with Celestia’s Cutie Mark on it to the Left & an equally big Blue Throne with Luna’s Cutie Mark on it to the right. Inbetween them stood a (slightly) bigger Red Throne with the Cutie Mark of Equus on it. Even though his sisters didn’t often join him when he held court. He allways felt that it was the right thing to do, to givet hem a seat each by his side, should they ever want to join him.
Star Swirl made his mark as Equus Nr 1 asistent, untill he died of very old age. His spot was then taken up by Stygian who took to the role like hooves in horseshoes.
In his dying moments, he thanked the High-Queen & Stygian that he got to see his old mentor aigan before he died. And thanked Equus for everything they have been through together.
All of Equestira and other nations mourned the loss of old Star Swirl.
The former Changeling Queen was found in woods somewhere driven completly insane by her quest for revenge. Holding i purple lump of wood in her arms angely whispering Starlight’s name over & over again. She was sent to her former hive to recive mental help there.
Cozy Glow (Now an adult) once again tried to take power in Equestria, it went so bad that Equss had no other option but to take her out, (Permanently). But before she could be taken out, she in the moment of loosing used the combine powers of The Alicorn Amulet & Grogar’s Bell + her very own soule. To cast a Powefull ritual that would summon 4 Major disaster upon Equestria, killing her after it was cast. Disaster Number 1 would come after 1 year from the moment the ritual was casted. Disater Number 2 would come 10 years after Disaster Number 1. Disaster Number 3 would come 100 years after Disaster Number 2. Disaster Number 4 would come 1000 years after Disaster Number 3.
Equus knew that he had to prepare the whole world for these 4 Disaters & that the fights that were to come would be hard fought. But it would be a battle that had to be fought, for the whole world to achive happines, peace and harmony, once and for all. Even if Discord from time to time started up bad stuff to spice things up & get a good laugh.
Disaster Number 1.
Would be the Return of The Pony of Shadows from Limbo, now his very own entity, fused with the Tantabus who escaped from Princess Luna. With an army of the forces of the Nightmare Realm. (Tempest Shadow, Big Macintosh & Rainbow Dash’s Big Brother & Dear Mentor Rainbow Blaze + The CMC came to have the major key roles in the battle that came then. In the end all got their very own seats at the CCC for it, as brand new members.)
Other Info.
That is not the Alicorn Amulet Equus in wearing, that is the Divine Royal Emblem of the world. The Alicorn Amulet was a defect copy that got magical corruption issues thanks to it not being make properly with the right materials and not being properly blessed in the right way, with the right magical forces.
King Equus Total magical power & strenght is aproxy that of Lord Tirek’s powers, after he drained Twilight Sparkle from here magic by the end of Season 4. (But you would also have to ad the magic of Princess Flurry Heart, Queen Chrysalis, The Alicorn Amulet & Grogar’s Bell into the mix to get the right amount). BUT! He can’t use his FULL magical potential for the risk of hurting other beings with it. Longtime use of his magic will leave him in a weaken state afterwards & in the worst case can render him severly ill for a whole month with HIGH fever, sever muscle & headaches. It will also leave his mental state in a semi sleepwalking zombie like state using all of his mindpower to control his magical strenght. In that severe case, it also takes anothe month for him to fully recover to his full game againg. Bascily, an OP guy with a sever cooldown time afterwards, that if his powers are handeled wrong could lead to MAJOR disaster.
He is a very gentel & fair soul with a MASSIVE taste for all things sweet, that is what Celestia got her love for cakes from. Big Bro spoiled her WAY! Too much in her younger years & the tastes reminds her of these happy times. He also like to talk to himself, as he did alot of times during the war when at times he was all alone with only the Statue of the High Queen at his side. That is a trait he passed onto his sister Luna during her lonely times during the night. Luna allways feels like she talks to him when she talks to herself. Equus also suffers from OCD & PTSD combo from time to time & can get overly strict & stale when things isn’t the way it should be. With his mindset traveling back to the war when not being perfect everyday meant death. (He is currently working through these issues & will become nearly fully restored in about 200 years, give or take a 100. His sisters mean everything to him & he can be VERY overprotective of them. Which can cause them some dismay at times as the feel like little foals again.
You are all free to use this OC & it’s Backstory in anyway shape or form. No matter how touchy, taboo, explicit, grimdark, grotesque or whatever fetishy stuff the subject matter may be. For potential pictures & fanfics. (BUT!) You all take responsablility for what you do with this OC. That’s not on me, nor is it my job to do, just so i am clear about this. I belive in the freedom of true fair use afterall.
Any questions you may have, please feel free to awnser them & i will try my best to awnser them.
(Side Info)
The name of the Rule 63 version of King Equus is Queen Equestria. In the Universes where Queen Equestria is the thing, Princess Celestia & Princess Luna is ALLWAYS the Male Versions of themselves as well as Prince Solaris & Prince Artemis. So if the Oldest of the 3 is Male the other 2 is Female & if the Oldest of the 3 is Female the other 2 is Male. And because the Celestia & Luna is the Canon of the show, Equus is the more Canon as well.
If i got to pick the VA for Equus, it would be James Earl Jones as he was in the 1990s. And my pick the VA for the REAL Grogar is Jeremy Irons also from the 1990s.
Lastly the implied tag that i put, should stay, so please don’t remove it.
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