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You know how I said you guys might get a chubby pony?  
Guess what?  
you’ve got one.  
Well the story behind this one is that, Pinkie Pie has made a special batch of chocolates (YES, THOSE ARE CHOCOLATE, DON’T LOOK AT ME LIKE THAT >8I) for all of her pony friends and asked Spike to take them around to the others mane five so they can try them…and knowing Spike, Rarity’s house was the first he stopped by…he probably shouldn’t have done that. 8I
This will probably not be the last fat pony picture I post, so if this is not your thing, I apologize, but well…you signed up for it when you watched me. 8D


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“Oh spike I must simply look dreadful.”  
“Nonsense, there just more of you to love”  
“Oh spike you are just darling”  
“You know, they say sex is a good exercise.”  
“What was that dear?”  
Aharon L'anglais

I see dead ponies...
I’ll bet she’s hoping to be able to wash down down chocolates with a healthy serving of dragon cum. Meanwhile Spike is standing so close to the couch in order to hide his massive erection (in vain).
Background Pony #6954
I’ve heard of chocolate covered marshmallows, but chocolate filled marshmallows?!