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safe1918486 artist:twidasherboop12 owlowiscious2096 rainbow dash254844 twilight sparkle326841 alicorn264296 pegasus382377 pony1266151 blushing230898 cactus701 facebooking62 feather7182 female1553994 flower31295 golden oaks library5796 inkwell521 lesbian106493 night31245 onomatopoeia6028 picture frame986 quill2981 shipping224668 sleeping26033 sound effects2898 story in the source2421 story included10853 twidash5570 twilight sparkle (alicorn)135722 zzz2832


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The Way To Happiness is a book made by L. Ron Hubbard.
On the pic, it says L. Rose Hoofbard. A pun!
That aside, I like this. Cute. :3
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I miss the show so much
OP did not post the story at the source:
A Long Day
Rainbow Dash flew to the library, craving rest and the comfort of her marefriend, Twilight. Today had been a long day, clearing out last week’s storm clouds. She touched down on the front, and opened the door. It creaked, and Rainbow Dash stepped in, and carefully closed the door. “Yo, Twi? You in?” No pony answered. Rainbow got slightly worried. She glanced around, and decided to go to Twilight’s private reading room. Entering, she found her snoring away, face on a book. Rainbow Dash blushed at the cuteness of her marefriend. Carefully, she hoisted Twilight on her back. Flying up the stairs, she entered the bedroom, and set her down on the bed. Then Rainbow climbed in, and tucked herself and Twilight in. Nuzzling in her mane, she whispered “Good night.”