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July 18-July ‎20, ‎2022 sketch commission by Aeolus06, and colored by King-Kakapo.
Aeolus06 colored version >>2921973
suggestive170119 artist:aeolus0691 artist:king-kakapo1274 fluttershy235760 rarity201173 twilight sparkle330018 human198004 ascot369 black panties510 blushing234656 bow36737 breasts335877 busty fluttershy20598 clipboard1511 clothes549416 collaboration6242 commission94228 cutie mark accessory657 cutie mark necklace141 dress52843 female1578840 folder190 frilly underwear4692 garters3266 high heels14160 humanized108970 jewelry88497 lace underwear553 lingerie12215 looking at you212226 mary janes1194 necklace25243 necktie8911 office1145 office lady39 panties56751 pantyhose3784 ribbon8076 shoes48227 simple background490236 skirt47208 skirt lift5124 skirt suit162 socks80133 stockings41117 suit7401 tallershy120 thigh highs47480 trio15917 trio female3525 underwear69654 upskirt6604 white panties263 white underwear3684


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Soft Lover
The perfect workplace does not exis… Sees them showing their whole legs in nylons if i can wear the same as you; Where do i sign ladies?
Background Pony #2B16
A business-savvy junior executive who’s willing to do whatever it takes for the good of the company, no matter how many shareholders she needs to please
A gentle giantess worker showing off to her office crush because she wants to settle down and start a family more than anything
And a seductive office lady who flirts with the gray-haired CEO of her company more than 30 years her senior to try and get his money by having his child out of wedlock